Client Testimonials

Sharon Power

"I started training with Sue in 2010. I had competed up to Novice level with reasonable success but was starting to lack confidence in my own ability. My first impression was how positive, supportive and methodical her approach to teaching is. Everything feels achievable with Sue and she has given me the self confidence in my riding to enable me to make huge progress and achieve results that I would never have thought possible. One of the many reasons I value Sue's training, is that after every lesson I come away with a clear understanding of everything we have done which I can then practice at home and refine these points to make real progress before our next lesson. There is never the feeling of 'how did I get that?' afterwards! Sue will explain things as often as it takes (with endless patience) and if one method is not working she will always find another way of explaining the point until it is crystal clear. I cannot begin to thank Sue for her endless patience and generosity of her knowledge which stems from a genuine passion for training horses and riders. She has transformed my riding and I am now competing successfully at Advanced Medium and training at home at PSG. I have qualified for every summer and winter regional final since she has been my trainer and I have been placed top 10 in every one. I have won an Area Festival and will be going to the Winter National Championships 2013 for the Medium Restricted. Sue has always been incredibly generous and has allowed me to ride her own horses from time to time when I have been short of a ride and has supported me through some difficult times, both personally and professionally. Her ability to remain upbeat and positive, no matter what is happening rubs off in her teaching and provides the ideal learning enviroment. I will always be glad of the day that I decided to ring sue to ask if she could train me. She has given me so much knowledge and confidence and I hope I make her proud with all the successes I have had so far as they would not have happened without her!"

Sharon Power & Vieux

Helen Dutton

"I started training with Sue about 5 years ago. I went to her initially with my event horse for help with our dressage phase. I was going through a confidence crisis at the time, I wasn't enjoying the eventing and had lost all ambition as far as competing was concerned. I had never considered a career in pure dressage, it didn't interest me in the slightest. All that changed after about a week with Sue. I watched her school her young horse 'Diva' and was totally blown away by Diva's talent, I'd never seen a horse move like her. For the first time ever dressage looked exciting! As well as building my confidence with my own horses, Sue gave me the opportunity to have lessons on her young horses Diva and Doni as well as her advanced stallion Jamaraki. Riding these horses opened my eyes to how amazing horses can feel with the right training. From then on I had my ambition back, to train my own horses to advanced level. I then went on to work for Sue for 3 years, doing yard jobs, riding and grooming at competitions. The experience of working on a competition yard and riding with Sue on a regular basis improved my riding and confidence no end. Sue has a calm, sympathetic and effective approach to training horses, which makes you feel completely relaxed knowing that you and your horse are in experienced hands. Before I met Sue I had no experience of affiliated dressage, I would feel totally out classed and intimidated at local competitions and rode with no confidence. In the 5 years i have trained with her she has taken me from this to winning two regional dressage championships, qualifying for 3 National Championships and finishing 4th at the Winter Championships 2011. All on a home produced, native pony who was in no way a dressage prospect at the beginning of his career. I simply could not have done it without her training, support and guidance. Over the years Sue has become a close friend who really cares about my development as a rider, if ever i'm feeling uninspired she will invite me along to ride with her for the afternoon to cheer me up, that to me is the mark of an amazing trainer!"

Helen Dutton & Rowangarth Rhyddion

Emma Newsham Brown

"I have known Sue for many years, since about 1990 when I became interested in dressage and had a talented pony called ‘Fair Amethyst’. I went to Sue for a lesson, back in the days when she worked for Stephen Clarke, at his yard in Holmes Chapel. Sue is a great Trainer, motivator and friend, and with her help we turned a 14hh Part Arab show pony into a Dressage Pony with Team Prospects in less than a year. He successfully competed up to Medium level. He was eventually shortlisted for the Pony Team, and just missed out on a place to the European Championships. It was also via Sue that we were fortunate enough to buy my first Horse, ‘Beau Bravado’. Boy, as he was known, was the full brother to Sue’s Horse, Jamaraki, and had been at Stephen’s for backing. Sue advised us to buy him. It was actually about 2 months later when we went to look at him and we never looked back. Boy was a Horse of a Lifetime and with Sue’s dedicated help and guidance I trained him up to Intermediare II. Boy won the Magnolia Mouldings Young Dressage Horse Championship held at Goodwood in 1993, in 1994 he took the NW Novice Regional Championship and he continued to be extremely successful through all the levels and competed internationally at Small Tour CDI in 1999 & 2000. Sue has always been very good with Young Horses, and also helped me with my next horse ‘Santana II’. He was quirky as a baby, and she gave me the confidence to keep going when he was having one of his days! He too made it to Intermediare before sadly sustaining an injury which cut short his career. I consider Sue to have given me my grass roots dressage knowledge, and I still use many of her exercises and training methods with my own horses and clients to this day. Sue gave me an excellent foundation on which to develop my Dressage Career and she remains a very good friend, I would not hesitate to recommend her as a Dressage Trainer."

Emma Newsham Brown & Beau Bravado

Tania Coventry

"I have known Sue for a number of years - she has been my trainer; I have had horses on full livery with her; and, more latterly, I have co-owned two of her competition horses. As an owner I have been able to relax knowing that I can totally trust Sue with my horse as his welfare is always of paramount importance. All horses are treated as individuals and the high standard of care given by Sue, and her talent as a rider, is reflected in the quality of their work and, ultimately, their competition results. I am regularly updated by Sue and love going to watch my horse in training and at competitions. The whole owning experience has been very rewarding and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue."

Elaine Scott

"Sue helped me progress from Elementary to Prix-St-George in two years. I have always found her to be clear and straightforward. Sue has always been very supportive both in lessons and at competitions. I find her help invaluable. I would definitely recommend her as an excellent trainer."

Elaine Scott & Mattise